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Growing up on the North Shore when mountain biking was young, Fraser spent more time on his bike than his feet. By 16 years old, Fraser had earned support from a handful of brands and was featured in some of mountain biking's 'freeride' films. After a few major injuries , Fraser shifted gears and took a more, let's say, safe path

Fraser has had 10+ years of progressive experience. 

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"My name is Fraser and I am on a mission to establish a new standard in bicycle security.  I am committed to providing cyclists with a powerful security solution like-no-other. Thanks for being a part of the journey!"

Fraser Vaage - Vancouver, BC



Elliot Slater- Toronto, ON

Partner & Technology Director

Elliot has 20+ years of Software Development expertise and is the the Founder of Ellira Technologies Inc. In recent years, Ellira has evolved to include hardware development, which includes working on a GPS specific project. Bringing copious amounts of knowledge, leadership and expertise on the more technical sides of the business, Elliot knows how to get sh*t done!

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Scott Campbell - Halifax, NS

Mechanical Engineer


Scott is a a Mechanical Engineer with 3 years of design experience. Recently he lived in San Francisco, where he designed and built tools to harvest crickets as a sustainable protein source. Being a cyclist, Scott is passionate about making a product that people love - he is meticulous and detail oriented.


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